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Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi

The best sushi in the world? Perfectly timed, 15 courses in 20 minutes.

Masterchef George Calombaris is in India and his only reaction to the food is yum

Aug 25, 2015    

Everyone's favourite chef George Calombaris from reality TV show Masterchef Australia is in India!He is well known among audiences for his hyperactivity around the kitchen, high-fives and utter discomfort when tasting anything remotely spicy. So when George, tries out a few south Indian dishes everyone is bound to take notice.He's currently in Bengaluru in association with Zomato to launch his GC series. He tried some medu vada and idli calling the vada "the best savoury donut" he has ever eaten. Crunchy, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, George fell in love.One thing tha...

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