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Oneness Meditation Release Video

Krysta has fun exploring Oneness Meditation, the new artificial intelligence driven game by KnuckleHeadAi. Oneness Meditation was released in the iTunes store on Wednesday February 22, 2012. Are you one with the phone or one with the universe when you do Oneness Meditation? Check our facebook page ...

Jurassic World tops movie rankings on iTunes

Oct 07, 2015    

Jurassic World in on top of the iTunes movie charts for the week ending October 5, according to reports on Associated Press. Spy comes in at second place followed by Avengers: Age of Ultron. The new Cinderella movie comes in at 9th place. Scroll down for two versions of the rankings.Apple-Logo_reutersiTunes Movies US Charts1. Jurassic World...

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