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Jigsaw Puzzle 500+ (v1.2 - update for iPhone 5

Jigsaw Puzzle 500+ was recently adapted for iPhone 5 and social networking in iOS 6. Game is available from the Apple AppStore. ©2012 Magnin & Associates.

Man puts together 99 iPhone 6 devices into proposal, still gets rejected

Nov 12, 2014    

How many iPhone 6 smartphones does it take to get your girlfriend to say yes to a marriage proposal? The answer it seems, is not 99, at least based on how a proposal turned out for one Chinese programmer.According to a report on Kotaku, a Chinese programmer inGuangzhou, got 99 iPhone 6 devices together in the shape of a heart in order to propose to his girlfriend, ahead of Singles Day, a Chinese holiday which is celebrated on 11 November and encourages single people to get hitched. The photos of the boy standing next to the heart made of iPhones went viral on China's Twitter equivalent Weibo.S...

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