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Como usar iFaith v1.4.1 para guardar los SHSH Blobs y Crear Custom Firmware iOS 5.0.1

El hacker iH8sn0w ha actualizado su herramienta iFaith a la versión 1.4, la misma viene con nuevas funcionalidades y agrega el soporte para poder guardar el APticket y los SHSH de iOS 4.4.X y iOS 5.0.X. Con iFaith v1.4 también podrás crear un firmware personalizado que ya incluye los SHSH de tu ...

Tangerine review: For a film shot entirely on an iPhone, this one is hilariously inspiring

Nov 06, 2015    

The marketing hook and buzzword for Sean Bakers Tangerine has been the fact that it was shot entirely on iPhones. Apples little device has been used previously for motion pictures, even by bigwigs like Park Chan Wook (Night Fishing). No prior film, however, has had the kind of acclaim that Tangerine has garnered. Is the worth the hype then? Absolutely.The most surprising aspect of Tangerine is how funny it is, and theres hardly a dull moment in the film. Its so entertaining, in fact, that it could kick start a whole genre of films about trans-prostitutes in Los Angeles. Aesthetics and gimmicks...

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