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蝦馬 Ebiuma Tango de Plata Oct 5, 2012 at "Kin no Tsubo", Tokyo

蝦馬 Ebiuma is: 本間敏之 Toshiyuki Honma (G./Pf.) 小池太郎 Taro Koike (Ba./iPhone) 阿部史彦 Fumihiko Abe (Ds./Per.)

Beijing police shut down massive iPhone counterfeiting operation| Reuters

Jul 27, 2015    

BEIJING Police in Beijing have busted a factory that produced more than 41,000 fake iPhones worth as much as 120 million yuan ($19 million), including some that reached the United States, and have arrested nine suspects in the counterfeiting operation.Apple is one of the most popular brands in China, where authorities have stepped up efforts in recent years to dispel the country's reputation for turning out counterfeit goods.Officials have taken stiffer action to enforce intellectual property (IP) rights, pushed firms to apply for trademarks and patents and cracked down on fakes.Police arreste...

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