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DragonVale now on Android! - Google Play

dragonvale is now available on android on google play store / market!What is this about? DragonVale, Solar Eclipse dragon, gem, breed, breeding, guide, combination, gemstone dragon, gemstone, Solar Eclipse gem, june, dragon, Solar Eclipse, breeding, guide, dragonvale Solar Eclipse dragon breeding ...

iPhone 5 falls to the bottom of the ocean, phone camera records descent in its full glory

May 27, 2015    

This video would perhaps make an excellent advertisement for an iPhone cover.Gregory Papadin, while vacationing dropped his iPhone into the ocean. Not only did theiPhone survived the ordeal, it captured the entire event, the ocean, the divers' attempts to recover it and some of the marine life itself.In the YouTube description for the video, Papadin writes how his brother tried throwing his phone into the ocean and it ended up going straight under water and sank to bottom of the ocean floor, "The underwater pressure was too much for both my brother and I to swim and get it, but the owner ...

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