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Split View Tutorial using Interface Builder - Xcode 4.5.2

In this tutorial, I show how to use UISplitViewController in an iPad applications. I create a masterview which is a subclass of UITableView. I create the detailview which is a subclass of UIViewController. When you select a row from the master view, the detailview would show the title that is select ...

Child's play: Toddlers and infants smart enough to handle iPads, confirms US study

Jul 06, 2015    

Washington: Toddlers as young as one-year-old are turning tech-savvy and can use a tablet, but require help to access apps, according to a study conducted by University of Iowa researchers, who studied more than 200 YouTube videos of infants and toddlers using iPads.By age two, 90% of the children in the videos had a moderate ability to use a tablet, according to Juan Pablo Hourcade, associate professor of computer science in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and lead author of the study. "Just over 50% of 12-to-17-month-old children in the videos had a moderate ability," H...

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