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新iPad今天開賣 綁約1萬1讓你帶走

中視新聞》new iPad今天開賣,電信業者都選在台北信義區辦首賣會,人潮把現場擠得水洩不通,民眾為了搶超殺優惠五點鐘就來排隊,而算一算綁月租費再付一萬一千九就能把new iPad帶回家,平均可省下八到九千塊的購機費用, ...

Ape for apps: Young orangutans in US zoo love watching videos and playing with iPads

Apr 07, 2015    

The young orangutan reaches his hand through the cage and rubs his knuckles over an iPad, drawing wide colors across the screen with his favorite app.A few minutes later, Mahal presses his face up against the mesh, stretches out his long tongue and taps the screen to make it light up and play his favorite song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."Soon Mahal and the two other orangutans at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin county zoo will be able to use their iPad for something even more exciting: "play dates" with orangutans at other zoos and wildlife preserves.They're already fascinated...

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