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How to breed Seasonal Dragon 100% Real! DragonVale! WBANGCA!

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From iPad Air to Google Glass: The snazziest gadgets of 2013

Dec 30, 2013    

Have we really invented most of what there was to invent? Unlikely. But big new products have gotten fewer and farther between. And in 2013, various big tech launches landed with varying thuds. Both hardware (HP's Chromebook 11, Nintendo's Wii U console, the Surface tablet) and software.BlackBerry's much-awaited BB10 operating system was launched in January, but fizzled out, crushed by unexciting, overpriced products. Windows 8, launched the previous year, flopped, and in an ever-so-unrelated move, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer announced that he would step down next year.Yet there were some great ...

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