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Grote Avond 2011, Imagine, Het gedicht van Maaike (Ilanah Pruis), greijdanus college

Grote avond 2011, in het Odeon te Zwolle. Ilanah Pruis (Maaike) leest haar 'mooie' gedicht voor, grappig is het in ieder geval wel! :-) 'Geluk''Geluk zit in kleine dingen: een ipad, een auto, gouden ringen. Doe voor mij maar niet te duur, ik hou van chocola, het liefste puur.

With new features, Apple hoping to turn iPad into a laptop replacer in the enterprise

Jun 09, 2015    

One of the most awaited events in the tech world - Apple's WWDC kicked off to quite a tepid start. Enthusiasts feel what the company offered was heavily inspired by Android features.What can Apple-loving enterprises can look forward to? In an effort to pitch the iPad as a laptop replacer, Apple upped the ante with multitasking enhancements and better text management. Noteworthy features include virtual keyboard improvements and ability to use the iPad as a trackpad and it also supports Split screen views. Apple is also heavily promoting Swift - the programming language. This year, with Swift 2...

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