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Grote Avond 2011, Imagine, Het gedicht van Maaike (Ilanah Pruis), greijdanus college

Grote avond 2011, in het Odeon te Zwolle. Ilanah Pruis (Maaike) leest haar 'mooie' gedicht voor, grappig is het in ieder geval wel! :-) 'Geluk''Geluk zit in kleine dingen: een ipad, een auto, gouden ringen. Doe voor mij maar niet te duur, ik hou van chocola, het liefste puur.

Child's play: Toddlers and infants smart enough to handle iPads, confirms US study

Jul 06, 2015    

Washington: Toddlers as young as one-year-old are turning tech-savvy and can use a tablet, but require help to access apps, according to a study conducted by University of Iowa researchers, who studied more than 200 YouTube videos of infants and toddlers using iPads.By age two, 90% of the children in the videos had a moderate ability to use a tablet, according to Juan Pablo Hourcade, associate professor of computer science in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and lead author of the study. "Just over 50% of 12-to-17-month-old children in the videos had a moderate ability," H...

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