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Aplicaciones GRATIS para iPhone 5, iPod touch, IPad ,NO JAILBREAK Alternativa 2

Canal : amigos en este video aprenderas a descargar e instalar aplicaciones de pago para cualquier dispositivo IOS.Link de descarga del programa:OJO LE DAN CLICK EN DONDE DICE "Dale Click aqui otra vez! (No se porque Google hace est ...

Analysts dont see Apple iPad Pro taking big bite out of Indian enterprise pie

Sep 14, 2015    

From the demos and the presence of Microsoft touting its productivity applications like Office 360 and Adobe with Photoshop, it was clear thatApple's big iPad Pro announcement was about business users. Thus far, the iPad was seen as a content consumption device, but Apple clearly wants to transformit into a content creation device and a possible laptop replacement.The iPad Pro will cost $799 (approximately Rs 53,500, though with taxes and customs levies, actual India pricing maybe much higher). It comes with the stylus called Apple Pencil (which is sold separately at $99 -- approximately Rs 6,...

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