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Yu-Gi-Oh! Geargia Karakuri Deck March 2013 Format

Geargia Karakuri Main Deck_ 40 Monsters_ 19 Geargiamor x3 Geargiaccelerator x3 Geargiarsenal x3 Geargia MK-II x2 Karakuri Ninja MDL 919 "Knuck" Karakuri Stra...

Coming soon for Modi govt: No Gmail or Yahoo for official work

Sep 15, 2014    

Prime Minister Narendra Modi might have asked his ministers to use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to the masses but when it comes to official communication, ministers and bureaucrats could soon be stopped from using Gmail, Yahoo or any other email provider which has servers outside India.According to a Hindustan Times report "a new draft email policy by the National Informatics Centre" states that for all government services, officials and ministers must rely on the NIC email and that they can't even forward email from this id to their personal email ids.A PTI report points out th...

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