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Terapi Sakit Pinggang Bahu Sendi.flv

Terapi ini sangat bagus untuk kurangi / hilangkan sakit pinggang, sakit bahu, sakit sendi kaki dan juga punya manfaat kesehatan lain. Methode terapi ini dipanggil "Lajin" dalam Bahasa Cina. Demo ini dilaksanakan oleh master Wu dari Taiwan. Terapi ini diperkenalkan oleh Master Xiao dari Cina. Terapi ...

Big brother is watching: No Gmail, Yahoo or private browsing for Babus

Mar 03, 2015    

All private browsing of sarkari babus are now going to be monitored and public email services provided by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) have become the order of the day. In an attempt to boost the services, the Modi government has barred the use of Gmail, Yahoo and other such private mailing services.While there is no official news on the reason behind the ban, this step comes in the wake of many document leaks within crucial ministries like oil and petroleum. Earlier this year, the Maharashtra government started to develop its own messaging app for security reasons. Also, in 2012, Yah...

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