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Terapi Sakit Pinggang Bahu Sendi.flv

Terapi ini sangat bagus untuk kurangi / hilangkan sakit pinggang, sakit bahu, sakit sendi kaki dan juga punya manfaat kesehatan lain. Methode terapi ini dipanggil "Lajin" dalam Bahasa Cina. Demo ini dilaksanakan oleh master Wu dari Taiwan. Terapi ini diperkenalkan oleh Master Xiao dari Cina. Terapi ...

Much-needed 'Block' button is on! Now keep annoying senders away in Gmail

Sep 25, 2015    

The long-awaited option to block a sender on Gmail is on now. Yes, no more unwanted mails or newsletters on your mail now. Giving more control to Gmail users over messages they recieve, Google is offering block and unsubscribe options to its users.By using the "Block" option, the sender is blacklisted, and any future mails from this sendor automatically goes to the spam folder. However, this list can be edited anytime and users can "unblock" the sendor in settings.[caption id="attachment_2445648" align="alignleft" width="380"]Read More