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cicak tokek emas

pada sesiapa ada pembeli tlg emel di alamat yang saya bagi cicak yg belah kiri ialah tokek emas,berukuran 11.2 cm ia saiz sesuai unk di jual,,,yang belah kanan berukuran 10 cm,,,,untuk pengetahuan,cicak2 ni milik saya bukan orang lain,,,,jika anda buyer atau orang tengah buyer bo ...

Password recovery scam: How hackers are stealing Gmail, Yahoo Mail accounts

Jun 17, 2015    

Symantec has observed an increase in a "particular" type of spear-phishing attack targeting mobile users. The purpose of the attack is to gain access to the victims email account."This social engineering attack is very convincing and weve already confirmed that people are falling for it," the security firm said.To pull off the attack, the bad guys need to know the targets email address and mobile number; however, these can be obtained without much effort. The attackers make use of the password recovery feature offered by many email providers, which helps users who have forg...

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