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Bakır filmaşin dik döküm tesisi ikinci el,second hand upcast copper wire rod plant

çok az kullanılmış bakır filmaşin üretim tesisi. Second hand upcast machine for 8mm copper wire rod like new,used only 6 months

Happy birthday! Gmail turns 10

Apr 25, 2014    

California, April 2 (IANS) Your favourite webmail service Gmail has turned 10. Launched April 1, 2004, Google's simple, user-friendly inbox today is an undisputed leader in email and related services.In 2004, Gmail arrived as an invitation-only product on beta platform.After several design changes, it finally dropped the beta label in 2009.In Gmail, Microsoft offered a spam-free inbox with integrated search tool and loads of storage capacity that was enough to beat the rivals.It was Gmail that gave webmail a slick snappiness more akin to a desktop application."It left clunky old Hotmail i...

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