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Dr. John .D - നീ എന്ത് കാണുന്നു? (Shalom Festival USA 2011)

നീ എന്ത് കാണുന്നു? Dr. John Dasan is a medical doctor who left his profession to preach the word of God. He is a very gifted and anointed preacher. Watch Dr....

Media, politicians fueled the public's fear, says doctor who recovered from Ebola

Feb 26, 2015    

New York: A doctor who contracted the deadly Ebola virus but rode the subway system and dined out before he recovered from it said the media and politicians could have done a better job by educating people on the science of it instead of focusing on their fears."When we look back on this epidemic, I hope we'll recognize that fear caused our initial hesitance to respond and caused us to respond poorly when we finally did," Dr. Craig Spencer wrote in an article published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine.Spencer was diagnosed with Ebola on 23 October days after returnin...

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