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Gale Crater 2013 Mars Curiosity Rover finds strange artifacts.

Mars Curiosity Rover is sending back some amazing images. Looks like a junk yard of alien artifacts.

Jackpot! Nasa's Curiosity rover finds first evidence of water on Mars

Apr 14, 2015    

London: Mars may have liquid water close toits surface, according to new data from Nasa's Curiosity roverwhich raises the chance of finding life on the red planet.Researchers have long known that there was water in theform of ice on Mars. Now, new research on data from Curiosity shows that it is possible that there is liquid water close to the surface of Mars. The explanation is that the substance perchlorate has been found in the soil, which lowers the freezing point so the water does not freeze into ice, but is liquid and present in very salty salt water - a brine."We have discovered th...

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