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Gale Crater 2013 Mars Curiosity Rover finds strange artifacts.

Mars Curiosity Rover is sending back some amazing images. Looks like a junk yard of alien artifacts.

Nasa's Curiosity Rover drills first hole into Mars' Mount Sharp

Sep 29, 2014    

Washington Nasa's Curiosity rover has just drilled its first hole in the foothills of Mount Sharp, the 5-kilometre-high mountain on Mars that is the primary destination for the six-wheeled machine's mission.The rover's hammering drill chewed about 2.6 inches deep into a basal-layer outcrop on Mount Sharp last week and collected a powdered-rock sample.The powder collected by the drilling is temporarily held within the sample-handling mechanism on the rover's arm."This drilling target is at the lowest part of the base layer of the mountain, and from here we plan to examine the higher, young...

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