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Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap - Episode 74 - 25th September 2013

Pratap's last day in Mewar's Palace - Rana Udaysingh forces Pratap to send him to Kaal Kothari so that he can become the King. Rani Jaivantabai firmly decide...

Farah Ki Daawat has the recipe of a hit show, if only the losers of Bigg Boss will stay away

Feb 23, 2015    

Would you like to see Rahul Mahajan half-naked in your kitchen, shaking his moobs at you? Would you find that appetising? Im guessing not. But hey, gird your loins and steel yourself. Because thats whats going to be coming to a TV screen near you thanks to the new programme, Farah Ki Daawat. Since in every meal theres always one course or dish which makes you appreciate the other courses/ dishes more, well approach the Mahajan episode similarly.Lets start with the good news first.Rarely do you see Indian television come up with a winning idea. Usually its the same old ghisa pita nonsense real...

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