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How one man plans to retire early (at age 40)

Most of us hope to save enough money to retire by 65, but one Florida man says he's figured out a way to retire more than 20 years earlier. NBC's Tamron Hall reports on his strategy, and personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich explains what we can learn from this unusual case.

'This time with 100x': This is how Rahul Yadav will return in 30 days

Jul 16, 2015    

Former CEO Rahul Yadav is out of job but certainly not out of the headlines. Yadav is back again to his habitual headline grabbing ways as he today announced his determination to make a comeback in 30 days.He made this announcement on his Facebook page. His latest status read:"If the path is smooth, dig your own holes. If no challenges, create them on your own.Just for the sake of practice. Just to push yourself to the extreme. Just to become stronger. Just to make things interesting. Just to make things fun.I'll be back...this time with 100x.... [10x of last formula (10x)]30 ...

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