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Zimbabwe Catholic Shona Songs - Yesu Akati Endai Mundoparidzira with LYRICS.wmv

Yesu Akati Endai Mundoparidzira J. L. Kaseke Chaleka Dzimbo DzeKirike Katorike - 1124 Zimbabwe Catholic Community

We are not gays: Zimbabwe president Mugabe tells United Nations

Sep 30, 2015    

LGBT rights is something that several countries in the world, including India, are trying to wrap their heads around. While in India, the Supreme Court and government have refused to decriminalise homosexuality, there are some other countries where gay rights are looked at with far more contempt.That Zimbabwe has one of the worst LGBT rights records in well known, but it was made clearer when the country's president Robert Mugabe used the platform of the UN to express his disgust towards homosexuality.Speaking at the UN General Assembly, the 91-year-old Mugabe criticised Western countries for ...

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