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Pidaw ta kymata - Πηδάω τα κύματα Stavento & Paola (MAD) subscribe Πηδάω τα κύματα - Stavento & Πάολα (Mad Video Music Awards 2012 by Vodafone - YOUNG GREECE by Vodafone)

No end to Vodafone's tax pains; co says arbitration may be delayed as 2 arbitrators quit

May 20, 2015    

New Delhi - Engaged in long-pending Rs 20,000 crore tax dispute, Vodafone today said there is likely to be a delay in the arbitration process as two arbitrators of thethree-member panel have quit."The Indian government appointed an arbitrator but he resigned in May 2015. The third arbitrator, who will act as chairman of the tribunal, had been agreed by the two party-appointed arbitrators (prior to the government's arbitrator's resignation) but declined to accept the appointment."There is now likely to be a delay in appointing the chairman pending the Indian government appointing a re...

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