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16. Vodafone Freezone Liselerarası Müzik Yarışması - Unchain My Heart Riff Çalışması

Vodafone Freezone Lisenin Yıldızı oylamalarında bize oy vermek isterseniz : grubu olarak 16. Vodafone Freezone Liselerarası Müzik Yarışması yolunda hazırlıklarımızı sürdürürken, Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic ...

Vodafone retrospective tax case: Alas, if only SC had been less rigid

Jun 24, 2015    

The Indian judiciary especially the apex court carries greater credibility both in India and outside than the Indian Parliament. So much so, had the tax department engaged the best counsel in business when Vodafone appealed against the Bombay High Court verdict upholding the tax demand of Rs 11,000 crore before the Supreme Court. The Modi government would have been spared the blushes. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has to squirm uncomfortably each time he addresses the foreign media and investors. In New York yesterday, he had to assure them that Vodafone type retrospective amendment would not...

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