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[FULL] Giọng hát Việt tập 8 (The Voice) 16/9/2012 - The voice VietNam ep 8 16/9/2012

Tập 8 Giọng hát Việt - Vòng đối đầu (tập 4) cuộc thi giọng hát việt ngày 16/9/2012Tập 9 FULL: đang cập nhật

Nations like India, Vietnam are hungry for American leadership: Bobby Jindal

Jul 07, 2015    

Washington: Thrashing the foreign policy of the Obama Administration, Republican presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal has sought steps by the US to take the mantel of global leadership, saying even non-aligned nations like India and Vietnam are desperate and hungry for American leadership."We would work not only with our allies, like Japan and South Korea and Taiwan. We'd work with non-aligned countries like India and Vietnam that are desperate and hungry for American leadership," 44-year-old Jindal told Fox News.Jindal, who last month announced his bid for the 2016 presidential electi...

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