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Blog Du lich - Choi Trau - Do Son - Hai Phong

Blog Du lich - S Vietnam - Choi Trau - Do Son _ Hai Phong Director: Trần Trọng Khôi Customer: Motion Media Creative & Production House: Volcano Creative - Công ty TNHH Sáng tạo Núi Lửa - -

Vietnam's re-elected communist chief defends one-party rule, hits out at critics

Jan 28, 2016    

Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam's freshly re-elected top communist party leader has hit out at critics of his country's one-party system, arguing that collective decision-making is "more democratic" than in nations which hold popular elections.Trong, a conservative apparatchik, made the comments after being re-elected on Wednesday for a second term as top leader, bringing the five-yearly Communist Party Congress to a close with a resounding victory for the party's old guard following weeks of infighting.[caption id="attachment_2601902" align="alignleft" width="380"]Read More