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Preguntas - Lanzamiento de la Junta Patriotica Venezolana en Miami

http://clickeventonline.com/?p=494 Durante el lanzamiento de la Junta Patriotica Venezolana en Miami intervinieron José Antonio Colina, responsable de la Junta Patriotica en el Exterior; Eduardo Báez Torrealba, coordinador Internacional de la Junta Patriotica y Roberto Carlo Olivares, representant ...

Colombia and Venezuela recall ambassadors amid border crisis| Reuters

Aug 28, 2015    

BOGOTA Venezuela and Colombia each recalled their ambassadors to the other country on Thursday, amid a diplomatic crisis sparked when socialist-run Venezuela closed two border crossings and deported over a thousand Colombians.Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shut the crossings last week after a shootout between smugglers and troops wounded three soldiers. He later extended the closing indefinitely and has characterized the deportations as a crackdown on paramilitary gangs."I have favoured dialogue and diplomacy and I will keep doing so, but I cannot allow Venezuela to treat Colombia an...

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