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Профайлы для ТВ-шоу "BigBrother Ukraine"

Съемка с использованием рир-проекции: Заказчик: Big Brother Украина (; Keying_ Александр "Opener" Ткаленко; Организация: Дима Сафановский;...

American becomes a rebel with a cause in east Ukraine

Sep 30, 2014    

YASYNUVATA Ukraine (Reuters) With his face hidden behind a camouflage balaclava and an assault rifle slung over his shoulder, "Hunter" looks like other separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine.What distinguishes him from his brothers in arms in the Vostok (East) battalion, an irregular proRussian militia fighting government forces, is his American accent and English is the only language he knows."I'm an American. I joined an independence movement," said Hunter, flashing a U.S. passport as proof of his nationality. Using his "nom de guerre" and refusing to reveal ...

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