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Профайлы для ТВ-шоу "BigBrother Ukraine"

Съемка с использованием рир-проекции: Заказчик: Big Brother Украина (; Keying_ Александр "Opener" Ткаленко; Организация: Дима Сафановский;...

Ukraine president secures U.S. military aid but not weapons

Sep 19, 2014    

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko secured $53 million in assistance from the United States on Thursday but President Barack Obama for now turned down his appeals for weapons to fight Russian-backed separatists.Images of Poroshenko sitting side by side with Obama in the Oval Office and of the warm reception he received in a speech to Congress projected a symbolic show of solidarity with the Ukraine leader as he faces down Russia's incursion.The White House announced that Ukraine would receive $53 million in new aid, including $46 million for military equipment such as c...

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