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Профайлы для ТВ-шоу "BigBrother Ukraine"

Съемка с использованием рир-проекции: Заказчик: Big Brother Украина (; Keying_ Александр "Opener" Ткаленко; Организация: Дима Сафановский;...

Russia defends legitimacy of separatists' elections in Ukraine

Oct 30, 2014    

Moscow, Oct 30 (IANS/EFE) The Russian foreign ministry has defended the legitimacy of elections called by pro-Russian rebels next Sunday in regions under their control in eastern Ukraine. The position of the militias to hold elections Nov 2 was legitimate, and fully corresponded to dealines set in the Minsk agreements, the ministry said in a statement made public Thursday. It added that Ukraine's separatist eastern regions should rapidly create government bodies to begin to solve practical problems related to critical infrastructure situation and public order. According to Moscow, the call for...

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