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Украина мае талант 4! - АНОНС на выпуск 17 марта 2012

Спонсор канала:Україна має талант 4 \ Ukraine got talent 2012 - АНОНС на выпуск 17 марта 2012

Russians seized in Ukraine: We were following Moscow's orders| Reuters

May 23, 2015    

MOSCOW Two Russian men captured by Ukrainian forces fighting pro-Russian rebels have told a newspaper they were in Ukraine on a mission for the Russian military, contradicting Moscow's official line.Speaking from a hospital bed in Kiev, one of the men, Alexander Alexandrov, became tearful when his interviewer told him his relatives had told Russian state media that he had quit the Russian military before heading to Ukraine."Why are they turning their backs on me?" he was quoted as saying by the Russian weekly Novaya Gazeta. "There was an order. I gave my oath to the motherland ....

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