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Украина мае талант 4! Сергей Девляшов 7 04 12

My statement on the program "Ukraine is looking for talent." Мое выступление на передаче "Украина ищет таланты".

Ukraine's soldiers are fighting against Russian tanks, says Kiev military

Sep 01, 2014    

Moscow Ukrainian troops on Monday were battling a Russian tank contingent in the eastern city of Lugansk, Kiev said, accusing Moscow's army units of moving into large cities in the region."The battle between Ukrainian paratroopers and a reinforced tank battalion of the Russian armed forces is continuing with the goal of controlling the Lugansk airfield," military spokesman Leonid Matyukhin wrote on his Facebook page.Ukraine's Defence Minister Valeriy Geletey further said that Russian units are moving into other towns in the region, including the largest city of the region Donetsk.&qu...

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