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Abi in Kamuzinda

One of the volunteers on the UgaIrish 2012 trip to Kamuzinada in Uganda made this short video of the building project. Visit ugairish on facebook, or the web...

Uganda declared free of deadly Marburg fever

Nov 12, 2014    

Kampala, Nov 12 (IANS) Uganda's ministry of health Tuesday declared the East African country officially free of the deadly Marburg epidemic, which killed one health worker and left 197 people quarantined.Sarah Achieng Opendi, the state minister for primary healthcare told reporters here that the declaration comes after the completion of 42 days of the post Marburg surveillance, which is a prerequisite before World Health Organization (WHO) declares a country free of any Viral Hemorrhagic Fever(VHF).The outbreak of the fever was declared Oct 4 following laboratory tests done at the Uganda Virus...

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