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Abi in Kamuzinda

One of the volunteers on the ugairish 2012 trip to Kamuzinada in Uganda made this short video of the building project. Visit ugairish on facebook, or the web...

Nigeria has Nollywood, and now Uganda's informal film industry is called 'Wakaliwood'

Apr 10, 2015    

Kampala, Uganda:It's a searing hot day, and a group of commandos are attempting a daring prison break."Stop, get them!" General Placdo, a drunkard and an invincible Kung Fu master in khaki fatigues, shouts in the local Luganda language."You will never succeed, we will destroy the world! You will see!" screams a recurring villain in a black balaclava, who is the leader of the Tiger Mafia, before a fistfight ensues.This is no real-life jailbreak, rather a scene from Operation Kakongoliro ("Ugandan Expendables"), an action film due for release later this year. It is ...

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