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Sew Le Sew Drama Part 132, Part 133 , Part 134 and other Parts for FREE

Follow any parts of sew le sew drama for FREE @ http://www.etcomtube.comWe say NO MONEY for Spark Film production and Diretube because Sew Le Sew is already SOLD drama to Ethiopian National Television ( ETV ) and We Shouldn't Pay again Sew Le Sew Drama Part 132 , Part 133 , Part 134 and other Par ...

Heat wave kills 750 in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh: A natural disaster no one gives a damn about

May 26, 2015    

The heatwave that is killing people in droves across India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, has reached disastrous proportions; but neither the central government nor the state governments have relief plans in place.According to various reports, more than 750people have died in the last few days as temperatures rose by one to seven degrees above normal. The heat has claimed the most casualties in Andhra Pradesh, where, since 13 May, 551 people have died. Most of the deaths have taken place over the last four days, said a senior government official.Telangana recorded around 200 de...

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