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Crocodile Attacks Warthog at Hippo Pools

A trap camera placed a few metres away from Hippo Pools Dam on a private game reserve in South Africa shoots a 20 second video_ from browsing warthog to croc...

Scientists identify new species of dinosaur in Tanzania

Sep 09, 2014    

A rare discovery of dinosaur bones in Tanzania has led scientists to identify a new species of long-extinct, leaf-eating dinosaur, according to research published today.Named Rukwatitan bisepultus, the remains of the majestic creature were found in a cliff wall in the Rukwa Rift Basin of southwestern Tanzania.When alive, the herbivore probably weighed as much as several elephants and boasted front legs that were two meters long.But it was not as large as its cousin, Dreadnoughtus, unveiled last week after a dig in Argentina. That specimen would have weighed about 60 tons in life, and was the m...

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