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Preparing for our Taiwan Trip

In this video we are performing a demo for Dr. Yang and his wife who is visiting for a couple of days. This is our final rehearsal before we go to Taiwan whe...

China's Xi congratulates new chairman of Taiwan's ruling party

Jan 17, 2015    

TAIPEI/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's President Xi Jinping on Saturday welcomed the election of Eric Chu as chairman of Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang party, the Xinhua news agency reported, which quoted Xi saying he hoped Taiwan-China relations would continue to move forward.Taiwan and China have been at odds since the end of China's civil war when the Kuomintang fled to the island leaving the Communists running the mainland. But business ties across the Taiwan Straits have increased since China-friendly Ma Ying-jeou took power in 2008.Xi hoped the two sides could work together to create a favourab...

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