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[COSCUP 2011] RepRap 3D Printer

張耀東 (Sunny Arky) 漢語Arduino RepRap是一種開源式原型製作的桌上3D印表機. 由於RepRap可以製作出大部份的原型,同時RepRap是一個任何人都可以花費自己的時間和精力製作出的玩意——傳說中的自我複製機. 這就意味著當你自己弄出一 ...

Boy punches $2 million-dollar oil painting in Taiwan

Aug 26, 2015    

The painting, entitled Flowers, by Italian artist Paolo Porpora, dates back to the 1600s and is part of a collection of 55 artworks on show in the country's capital.The accident put a fist-sized tear in the painting but the organisers of the exhibition said CCTV footage showed it was an accident and they would not be seeking damages from the boy's family.The painting is being restored on site.The organisers have decided not to seek damages from the boy's family, according to China News Agency.The boy joins a select list of expensive art blunders. In 2006, a British man smashed a set of 300-yea...

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