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Syria : Video kekejaman Tentera Syria ?

Bukan saya yg buat/alih bahasa video ini dan memang pun ini bukan kat Syria. Saya mnemui video2 ini dalam salah satu channel yg anti-Assad. Saya mlihat bhw, dlm isu di Syria ada pihak yg sengaja memburuk2kn kerajaan dgn mcipta video2 yg dipalsukan. Sblm2 ni ada jga video2 pgolakan di negara lain (be ...

Nuclear deal could accelerate solutions in Syria, Yemen says Iran president

Aug 03, 2015    

Tehran: Iran's president said Sunday his country's nuclear deal with the West would create better prospects for faster solutions in Syria and Yemen, two of the Middle East's worst conflict zones.In a live appearance on state television, Hassan Rouhani said the 14 July agreement had shown diplomacy and engagement were the only way to solve serious political problems and end crises."The final solution in Yemen is political, in Syria the final solution is political," he said. "The agreement will create a new atmosphere. The climate will be easier."The near two years of talks b...

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