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Syria : Video kekejaman Tentera Syria ?

Bukan saya yg buat/alih bahasa video ini dan memang pun ini bukan kat Syria. Saya mnemui video2 ini dalam salah satu channel yg anti-Assad. Saya mlihat bhw, dlm isu di Syria ada pihak yg sengaja memburuk2kn kerajaan dgn mcipta video2 yg dipalsukan. Sblm2 ni ada jga video2 pgolakan di negara lain (be ...

U.N. worried about reported diversion of aid in Syria| Reuters

May 22, 2015    

UNITED NATIONS The United Nations children's fund UNICEF is alarmed at reports that some emergency food and other humanitarian aid was not reaching civilians in conflict-torn Syria due to theft by combatants, a U.N. spokesman said on Thursday.The rebel Syrian National Coalition said that the Syrian army and allied fighters have been stealing relief items and distributing to their troops."UNICEF is extremely concerned at reports that some of its humanitarian supplies in Syria have not reached their intended destination," U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters. He added that UNICEF w...

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