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Syria : Video kekejaman Tentera Syria ?

Bukan saya yg buat/alih bahasa video ini dan memang pun ini bukan kat Syria. Saya mnemui video2 ini dalam salah satu channel yg anti-Assad. Saya mlihat bhw, dlm isu di Syria ada pihak yg sengaja memburuk2kn kerajaan dgn mcipta video2 yg dipalsukan. Sblm2 ni ada jga video2 pgolakan di negara lain (be ...

Kerry says in talks on Syria ceasefire, will know in days if possible | Reuters

Feb 06, 2016    

WASHINGTON Talks are under way about a ceasefire and humanitarian access for civilians in the five-year-old Syrian civil war and it will be clear within days whether that is possible, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday.

"The modalities of a ceasefire itself are also being discussed and the Russians have made some constructive ideas about how a ceasefire in fact could be implemented," Ker...

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