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Syria: Execution of a Civilian by Ansar Al-Sunna insurgents in Deraa

(18+ Documenting Crimes Against Humanity in Syria) (Not for Shock) (30/08/12) Deraa Regin_ Rebels belonging to Ansar Al-Sunna an Al Qaeda affiliated militant...

'Radicalised' Indian youth joining Jihad movement in Syria, Iraq: report

Jul 09, 2014    

Intelligence Agencies in India are monitoring 18 Indian youth currently based in Iraq and Syria over their suspected involvement in sectarian violence in those countries.A Times of India report claims that the government is wary of these youth returning to India and unleashing violence across the country. However, the same report states that the 18-odd youth have no previous record of having been involved with extremist outfits and six of them are already less passionate about the cause and have now returned to the middle-east.As early as March this year, intelligence agencies were tracking do...

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