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Syria: Al Nusra Executed 'Alawite' Prisoners

(18+ Documenting Crimes Against Humanity in Syria) (17/02/13) Footage depicts the aftertmath of the murder of at least three prisoners by Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Qaeda's major branch in Syria. The speaker barates the men who have both been summarily executed as 'Nusrayris' a derogatory word for Alawite. ...

My firm conviction is that Britain should join Syria airstrikes, Cameron tells his ministers

Nov 26, 2015    

London: Britain should join air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and should not "sub-contract" its security to allies, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday in a written statement to MPs."I believe that we should now take the decision to extend British air strikes against ISIL into Syria," he wrote, ahead of a speech in parliament on Thursday where he will formally argue his case for war.Cameron said that it was in Britain's national security interests to strike IS jihadists and deny them a "safe haven" in Syria, arguing that the burden sho...

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