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سوريا موجوعة - شادي أسود - Souria Mawjo3a - Shadi Aswadسوريتنا تنادينا Syria Callingيدا بيد لاجلك سورياشاركونا على صفحتنا على الفيس بوكوعلى رابط مجموعتنا سوريتنا تناديناhttp://www.faceb ...

Clinton says no-fly zone over Syria would require Russian cooperation| Reuters

Oct 07, 2015    

DAVENPORT, Iowa U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday reiterated her support for a no-fly zone over Syria, but said Russia would need to agree for it to work."The situation on the ground is incredibly complex. It's made more so with the Russian actions," Clinton said at a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa. "And the Russians would have to be a part of it, or it wouldn't work."Clinton said she did not support sending additional U.S. troops into Syria at this time. (Reporting By Luciana Lopez and Amanda...

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