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Perang buat Syria - dari pandangan pertempuran.mp4

Sebuah dokumentari Battle for Syria - View from the frontline.

By destroying 2,000-year-old Palmyra, Islamic State has demolished Syria's proud heritage

Sep 01, 2015    

Damascus, Syria: Palmyra, the ancient Syrian city that has fallen to the Islamic State jihadist group, has withstood the last 2,000 years with its immaculate temples and colonnaded streets.Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the "pearl of the desert" is a well-preserved oasis 210 kilometres (130 miles) northeast of Damascus.Palmyra, which means City of Palms, is known in Syria as Tadmor, or City of Dates. Its name first appeared on a tablet in the 19th Century BC as a stopping point for caravans travelling on the Silk Road and between the Gulf and the Mediterranean.But it was dur...

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