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Nasir Asghar Party in Shaam (Syria) - Haye Qayamat ka hai Sama - Sham-e-Ghariban - 2012 Live

Nasir Asghar Party reciting noha on 20th Safar 2012, Chelum Imam Hussain a.s in Shaam. Starting of Jaloos in Zainabia Syria. Shabab-ul-Momneen.

ISIS kills rival rebel commander in Syria

Jul 08, 2014    

Damascus, July 8 (IANS) The Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) killed a commander of a rival jihadi group in the eastern countryside of Syria's capital Damascus, media reported Tuesday.The commander was killed when the ISIS blew up his car in the al-Ghouta countryside of Damascus, Xinhua reported citing the pro-government al-Khabar TV.The victim, Harun, was the head of the Badr Brigade, a faction of the so-called Islam Army, which has been deadlocked in battles with the ISIS over control of rebel-held areas on the eastern edge of Damascus.Jihadi groups, the major power fighting the...

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