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Mat Sabu Sokong SYIAH SYRIA (With Malay Subtitles)

[youtube][/youtube]Komen Abu Aqif: Selepas IRAN, Mat Sabu mengadakan hubungan dengan SYIAH SYRIA. Yang peliknya Mat Sabu ni boleh berbaik dengan kerajaan SYIAH dan menghentam revolusi rakyat di SYRIA tapi bila pergolakan di MESIR Mat Sabu sokong revolusi r ...

U.S. officials say Russian cruise missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran| Reuters

Oct 09, 2015    

WASHINGTON/MOSCOW U.S. officials said four Russian cruise missiles fired at Syria from a warship in the Caspian Sea on Wednesday had crashed in Iran while Russia insisted they had reached their targets in Syria.The White House declined to comment on the report from the officials, who asked not to be identified, and the State Department said it could not confirm it.If confirmed, the crashes would be a blow to the military strength Russia aimed to display in launching what it said were 26 missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria some 1,500 km (900 miles) from the Caspian Sea on Wednesday.The R...

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