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Mat Sabu Sokong SYIAH SYRIA (With Malay Subtitles)

[youtube][/youtube]Komen Abu Aqif: Selepas IRAN, Mat Sabu mengadakan hubungan dengan SYIAH SYRIA. Yang peliknya Mat Sabu ni boleh berbaik dengan kerajaan SYIAH dan menghentam revolusi rakyat di SYRIA tapi bila pergolakan di MESIR Mat Sabu sokong revolusi r ...

Turkey extends mandate to send troops to Syria if needed| Reuters

Sep 04, 2015    

ANKARA Turkey's parliament voted late on Thursday to extend by a year a mandate authorizing the deployment of troops to Syria and Iraq, weeks after it stepped up its role in the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State.The NATO member opened its air bases to coalition fighter jets in July and has since taken part in joint strikes for the first time on the radical Sunni militant group in northern Syria, ending years of reluctance to take a front-line role.While it has the second-largest military land force in NATO, Turkey has repeatedly made clear it does not intend to send ground troops into ...

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