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Mat Sabu Sokong SYIAH SYRIA (With Malay Subtitles)

[youtube][/youtube]Komen Abu Aqif: Selepas IRAN, Mat Sabu mengadakan hubungan dengan SYIAH SYRIA. Yang peliknya Mat Sabu ni boleh berbaik dengan kerajaan SYIAH dan menghentam revolusi rakyat di SYRIA tapi bila pergolakan di MESIR Mat Sabu sokong revolusi r ...

Putin seeks map of forces not to bomb in Syria - France| Reuters

Nov 27, 2015    

PARIS Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked France to draw up a map of where groups fighting Islamic State militants operate in Syria in order not to bomb them, France's foreign minister said on Friday.French President Francois Hollande and Putin agreed during talks in Moscow on Thursday to exchange intelligence on Islamic State and other rebel groups to improve the effectiveness of their aerial bombing campaigns in Syria."He asked us to draw up a map of forces that are not terrorists and are fighting Daesh (Islamic State). He committed to not bombing them once we've provided that,&q...

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