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Mangsa Perang Syria - Kucing Hilang Kaki Masih Hidup

Jom Singgah : : Product Of The Year ~~Cara menggunakan Minyak Magnetic Aura amat mudah. Pertama , kita sapu secara luaran di nadi nadi lengan ,belakang leher ,pinggang , betis dan sebagainya.Cara kedua ,sapu di bawah b ...

Analysis - Talk of Syria action may be Erdogan's latest gambit to pressure the West| Reuters

Jul 02, 2015    

ANKARA Alarmed by Syrian Kurds' advances against Islamic State, and irked by Western reluctance to tackle Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Tayyip Erdogan has once again raised the prospect of a Turkish military intervention in Syria.Such a move would risk alienating the West when confidence in Turkey has been already shaken by Erdogan's authoritarian tendencies and a slowdown in growth, and also prevent the AK Party that he founded forming a coalition with the main opposition party.But Erdogan's drum-beating may be a gambit aimed at influencing the U.S.-led coalition in Syria, and b...

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