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Mangsa Perang Syria - Kucing Hilang Kaki Masih Hidup

Jom Singgah : : Product Of The Year ~~Cara menggunakan Minyak Magnetic Aura amat mudah. Pertama , kita sapu secara luaran di nadi nadi lengan ,belakang leher ,pinggang , betis dan sebagainya.Cara kedua ,sapu di bawah b ...

Russia ready to discuss ceasefire in Syria

Feb 11, 2016    

Moscow: Russia is ready to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire in Syria, deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov said today as foreign ministers gathered in Munich in a bid to restart peace talks."We are ready to discuss the modalities of a ceasefire," Gatilov told journalists in Moscow, quoted by TASS state news agency."That is what we will talk about in Munich." International talks to end the five-year civil war that has killed more than 260,000 people broke down earlier this month amid accusations from the West and Syrian regime opponents that Russia's air strikes i...

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