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Maliki lets Iran send weapons to Syria via Iraq - Mar.2013

Maliki is allowing Iran to use its territories to transfer weapons to Syrian Baathist regime Bashar Assad, while the USA has warned Iraq not to let its land ...

US, allies continue airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

Dec 18, 2014    

Military forces of the US and partner-nations continued to attack Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria and Iraq over the past three days, a US defence department statement said.In Syria, five airstrikes destroyed three IS buildings, a staging area, a bunker, a mortar, three tactical units and two fighting positions, Xinhua reported, citing a statement issued by the US defence department on Wednesday.Separately, US and partner-nation military forces conducted 61 airstrikes in Iraq using fighter, bomber and remotely-piloted aircraft.An additional 45 strikes in Iraq were conducted in support of th...

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