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KILLA JIHAD NASHEED SYRIA - Ya Jaish Al-Ahrar Tagaddam! O Befreiungsarmee Vorwärts Marsch!

DEN OPFERN VON BABA AMR UND ANDEREN ORTEN IN SYRIEN GEWIDMET !!! مُهدى لضحايا مقتولين في بابا عمرو و أمكنة الأخلى في سوريا !!! POSVEĆENO ŽRTVAMA IZ BABA AMRА...

US, allies continue airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

Dec 18, 2014    

Military forces of the US and partner-nations continued to attack Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria and Iraq over the past three days, a US defence department statement said.In Syria, five airstrikes destroyed three IS buildings, a staging area, a bunker, a mortar, three tactical units and two fighting positions, Xinhua reported, citing a statement issued by the US defence department on Wednesday.Separately, US and partner-nation military forces conducted 61 airstrikes in Iraq using fighter, bomber and remotely-piloted aircraft.An additional 45 strikes in Iraq were conducted in support of th...

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