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KILLA JIHAD NASHEED SYRIA - Ya Jaish Al-Ahrar Tagaddam! O Befreiungsarmee Vorwärts Marsch!

DEN OPFERN VON BABA AMR UND ANDEREN ORTEN IN SYRIEN GEWIDMET !!! مُهدى لضحايا مقتولين في بابا عمرو و أمكنة الأخلى في سوريا !!! POSVEĆENO ŽRTVAMA IZ BABA AMRА...

Syria 31 people, including children, killed in bomb blasts near school

Oct 02, 2014    

Beirut Several children were among the 31 people killed in a pair of bombings near a school in the central Syrian city of Homs, a Syrian official said.Seventyfour others were injured in the blasts.The official said that 15 minutes after a car loaded with C4 explosives and gas cylinders blew up near the Akrima Makhzumi School in the Akrima Yadide district of Homs, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt.Akrima Yadide is a district mostly inhabited by members of President Bashar Assad's minority Alawite sect, and it was not the first time the Alawite neighbourhoods of Homs have been targete...

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