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Mawal Dal3ona Dabke اجمل موال دلعونا

Dabket 3arab_ Walid Sarkis Mawal Dal3ona دبكة عرب: وليد سركيس اجمل موال عتابا ودلعونة Dal3ona Mawal اجمل موال دلعونة 3ala dal3ona mawal 3ala dal3ona Dabke Le...

Five out of six World Heritage sites in Syria are significantly damaged Experts

Sep 19, 2014    

Washington In war-torn Syria, five of six World Heritage sites now exhibit significant damage and some structures have been reduced to rubble, reveals new high-resolution satellite image analysis.The damaged Syria's World Heritage sites are the Ancient City of Bosra, the Ancient Site of Palmyra, the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria, and two castles - Crac des Chevaliers and Qal'at Salah El-Din.Only one of Syria's six World Heritage sites - the Ancient City of Damascus - appears to remain undamaged in satellite imagery since the onset of civil war in 2011, claimed Susan Wolfinbarger, director...

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