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Dropping Thermobaric Bombs on Residential Areas in Syria_ Nov. 5. 2012

The moment a fighter jet fired two thermobaric bombs into civilians' buildings in Eastern Ghouta is filmed in this short video. A thermobaric weapon is used ...

300,000 children return to UN-run schools in Gaza, Syria

Sep 16, 2014    

United Nations As the new school year kicks off across the world, nearly 300,000 children returned to UN-run schools in Gaza and Syria on Monday."In Gaza, conflict has profoundly affected the traditional learning environment and delayed the academic year for almost three weeks," Xinhua quoted Pierre Krahenbuhl, the commissioner-general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), as saying in a statement."But after the traumatic 50 days of brutal conflict, of death, destruction and massive displacement, including to many of our schools, we are determined to give the ch...

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