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Dream September 2013 Urgent ,Rapture, No More Time.

Rapture is imminent, Jesus is coming don't get left behind. URGENT,URGENT.NO TIME LEFT. 3 events in September_ Colorado floods,record of falling fireballs an...

Islamic State in Syria All you need to know about IS militants

Aug 28, 2014    

Beirut As the US strikes Islamic State targets in Iraq, extremists belonging to the same militant group across the border in Syria are capturing new territory and becoming bolder by the day.There, in its power base, the Islamic State group controls thousands of square kilometers (miles) of territory, including most of Syria's oil-producing region. In the areas under its control, it has established an elaborate governing system that oversees every aspect of people's lives.The US has begun surveillance flights over Syria as a possible precursor for airstrikes against Islamic State targets there....

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