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Dream September 2013 Urgent ,Rapture, No More Time.

Rapture is imminent, Jesus is coming don't get left behind. URGENT,URGENT.NO TIME LEFT. 3 events in September_ Colorado floods,record of falling fireballs an...

Syria raids show Saudi, UAE ambition to extend regional authority

Oct 01, 2014    

DUBAI/RIYADH (Reuters) The decision by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to join air strikes in Syria reflects an increasingly muscular foreign policy by the Gulf Arab heavyweights that has already started to reshape the balance of power in the Middle East.With Egypt, Syria and Iraq where the Arab world's armed might has usually rested all now immersed in civil wars or internal political turmoil, the emergence of Gulf states as military players asserting an unremitting hostility to Islamists could alter the region's political equation.While neither country appears likely to mo...

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