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اخبار الفضائية السورية كاملة 31 7 2012

اخبار الفضائية السورية كاملة 31 7 2012. اتحاد القنوات السورية على اليوتيوب شبكة منقول الإخبارية،شبكة اخبار طرطوس,شبكة شام المؤيدة,حلب نيوز،من أجلك سوريا الأسد،جنود ال ...

After Syria coordination talks with Israel, Russia beckons to Turkey, U.S.| Reuters

Oct 08, 2015    

JERUSALEM Russia ended high-level military talks with Israel on Wednesday with a call on other countries, including a suspicious United States and aggrieved Turkey, to coordinate operations in Syria.The two countries discussed how they can avoid accidentally clashing while operating in Syria. Israel has been worried that Russia's deployment there, which includes advanced anti-aircraft units and warplanes, could lead to unwanted confrontation.The talks followed a meeting in Moscow between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin at which the two men agreed ...

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