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مسلسل الخوالي الحلقة 30 و الأخيرة - كاملة

لمشاهدة المزيد زوروا موقع " http://www.Syria-Drama.net/ " المتخصص بالدراما السورية خاصّةً والعربية عامّةً والصفحة التابعة له على الفيسبوك "https://www.facebook.com/mshaher.drama.syria " حيث يمكنكم ا ...

'Turkey will react if airspace violated again': Nato denounces Russian airstrikes on Syria as irresponsible behaviour

Oct 06, 2015    

Ankara, Turkey:Natoon Monday called on Russia to stop airstrikes in Syria and warned its violation of Turkish airspace during a raid risked inflaming tensions days after Moscow's military intervention began.Turkey warned Moscow after its F-16 jets intercepted a Russian fighter that flew through its airspace near the Syrian border at the weekend.Two Turkish jets were also harassed by an unidentified MIG-29 on the Syrian border according to Turkey's army, which has the second-largest number of troops in Nato after the US.Nato denounced Russia for "irresponsible behavior". Turkey, a Nat...

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