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قاع المدينة - الحلقة 22 كاملة

وقعت شيرين مرة أخرى في المحظور وأغواها جودت، وتشاجرت مع روعة لأنها وجدت 50ألف ليرة في جارورها، وقررت روعة ترك منزل شيرين. أقنعت روعة طلال بأن لا يسلم الحقيبة وأن يترك ...

Syria says Islamic State executes hundreds in Palmyra| Reuters

May 24, 2015    

BEIRUT Islamic State fighters have executed at least 400 people in Palmyra since capturing the ancient Syrian city four days ago, Syrian state media said on Sunday.It was not immediately possible to verify the account, but it was consistent with reports by activists that the Islamist fighters had carried out executions since capturing the city from government troops.The militants seized the city of 50,000 people, site of some of the world's most extensive and best preserved ancient Roman ruins, on Wednesday, days after also capturing the city of Ramadi in neighbouring Iraq.The two near simulta...

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