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حلب احد شبيحة صلاح الدين جمعة 20 1 2012 - سوريا - أموي

Aleppo City one Hbihh Salahuddin Fri 20 12 012مالنا غيرك يا اللهOmawi Syria News Live :: [Translation by Google]

Web campaign raises $67,800 for Syria refugee family in a day| Reuters

Aug 29, 2015    

BEIRUT An online fundraiser has raised more than $67,800 for a refugee from Syria and his daughter after a campaigner based in Norway shared moving pictures on social media of the man selling pens in the streets of Beirut.Gissur Simonarson, founder of Conflict News, posted the pictures on Tuesday and was flooded with requests to help the man, a Palestinian from the devastated Yarmouk refugee camp on the southern outskirts of Damascus.The pictures showed Abdul, a single father of two, holding up pens on a roadside in Lebanon's capital, his 4-year-old daughter Reem asleep on his shoulder, accord...

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